There are cloud services by others, and there are cloud services supported by one of the largest computer software companies in the world. Who would you trust your operations to? Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organization meet your business challenges. It’s the freedom to build, manage and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your favorite tools and framework.

Microsoft’s Azure Hybrid Cloud Services from 2W Tech

Azure remains the only consistent and comprehensive hybrid cloud. Take advantage of the broadest set of hybrid capabilities and deliver true hybrid consistency in your applications, data, identity, security, and management across on-premises and cloud environments. Create a truly consistent experience across your hybrid cloud using comprehensive Azure cloud capabilities. Reduce complexity and risk with the platform, tools and services designed to work together across your on-premises and cloud environments. Build and deploy your applications consistently, seamlessly manage data, enable anywhere access with single sign-on, and deliver integrated security and management across on-premises and the cloud.

You can quickly turn ideas into solutions to get up and running fast — just bring your code. Build applications with the language of your choice, including Node.js, Java, net, and use what you already know. You also can work with best-in-class development tools for PC or Mac, such as Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, to increase your productivity with features that let you focus on what matters most: writing great code.

Get mobile into the hands of users faster by streamlining the mobile development lifecycle with Visual Studio App Center, including automated builds and testing for cross-platform, hybrid and native apps on iOS and Android.

You also can take advantage of a comprehensive set of services, infrastructure and tools to build AI-powered experiences. Build bots that naturally interact with users and built-in advanced analytics tools to make faster predictions. Use a rich set of Azure data and AI services such as Azure Databricks, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Bot Service to enable new experiences in your apps for human-like intelligence.

Be sure to rely on the power of Microsoft to host your hybrid cloud needs through the Azure Hybrid Cloud. As a Microsoft Gold partner, 2W Tech can guide you through the implementation of this cloud for your operations. Contact us today.

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