Microsoft Azure Data Box Heavy Expands Data Capacity


Microsoft users continue to ask the software giant for a larger capacity option that retains the simplicity, security and speed of the original Microsoft Azure Data Box. Earlier this month, Microsoft unveiled its solution — a petabyte-scale Data Box Heavy — which has reached general availability in the U.S. and E.U.

Data Box Heavy is very similar to the original Data Box. You can order Data Box Heavy directly from the Azure portal and copy data to Data Box Heavy using standard files or object protocols. Data is automatically secured on the appliance using AES 256-bit encryption. After your data is transferred to Azure, the appliance is wiped clean according to National Institute of Standards and Technology standards.

However, Data Box Heavy is designed for a much larger scale than the original Data Box. Data Box Heavy’s one petabyte of raw capacity and multiple 40 Bbps connectors mean that a data center’s worth of data can be moved into Azure in just a few weeks.

Whether you’re transferring your organization’s entire data collection to the Azure Data Heavy Box or just keeping up with regular data backup maintenance, 2W Tech can help you along the way. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, and we have IT consultants on staff who are Microsoft Certified experts who can guide you through your Azure cloud deployment – if you’re not in this hybrid cloud yet – and help you choose the services that are best for you. Contact us today.

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