Microsoft Azure was the biggest topic of discussion at Microsoft Build 2021. Microsoft made it very clear their goal was to provide the next generation of developers with world-class tools and cloud services to allow them to build the applications of the future. The majority of the these applications will be based on intelligence infused with AI to provide organizations with advanced insights. The digital transformation is moving businesses quickly towards needing artificial intelligence in order to compete and thrive in today’s business world. That is why Microsoft is investing resources in building out the Microsoft Azure artificial intelligence offerings.

One Azure AI service that got a recent update is Azure Bot Service, which provides an integrated environment purpose-built for bot development. This service now includes a visual authoring canvas with extensible open-source tools so developers can add speech and telephony capabilities. It also made updates in testing, adding debugging and publishing bots to multiple channels with minimal code changes.

A service that was announced last year and was in testing, has finally moved to general availability; Azure Metrics Advisor. This is a time-series monitoring platform that provides a set of APIs for data ingestion, anomaly detection and diagnostic insights without requiring machine learning (ML) knowledge.

Azure Video Analyzer combines Live Video Analytics and Video Indexer into a single service. This feature is now in preview mode.  This service will help developers quickly build AI-powered video analytics from stored and streaming videos. Live Video Analytics allows developers to build intelligent, video-based apps using their choice of AI, while Video Indexer automatically extracts advanced metadata from video and audio content.

All of these services will join Azure Cognitive Service, Azure Form Recognizer and Azure Immersive Reader under a new Azure AI umbrella; Azure Applied AI Services.

Microsoft is trying to make it easier for the customers that see the value in artificial intelligence to build solutions easier and more efficiently. 2W Tech is trying to make it easier for their clients to take advantage of the benefits artificial intelligence can bring as well. We are a technology service provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and have IT Consultants on staff that work with Power BI, as well as artificial intelligence features within Microsoft Azure. Give us a call today to learn more.

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