Microsoft just announced that it is making more intelligent with the help of new artificial intelligence (AI) powered features. These Microsoft AI features are going to be rolled out in the next few weeks across email and calendar, intending to save users time and boost their productivity at work.

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The Meeting Insights feature in Outlook uses Microsoft Graph, a developer platform that connects multiple services, devices and products actor Windows, Office 365 and Azure. It is designed to pull out potentially relevant documents and notes that an Outlook requires during the meeting. After the meeting, it will organize files shared in emails, SharePoint and OneDrive, as well as messages exchanged about meeting details and content shared both during and afterward.

The second feature is suggested replies, which is an extension of Outlook’s existing suggested replies feature. When you receive a message in the email, you can answer with a short response. Outlook suggests three responses that you can use to reply with a couple clicks. If one of these fits, you can select it and hit send. Microsoft will invite feedback about the suggestions in case you think there are better reply options.

Next in the list is smart time suggestions that uses FindTime features, making it easy for your attendees to vote on the best time. The other option is the scheduling assistant that searches the calendars and looks for a time that works for everyone. By Outlook suggesting available days and times for attendees to meet, it frees meeting organizers from the tedious task of going through attendees schedules.

The last feature on the list is a suggest locations, which facilitates faster meetings by suggesting meeting locations.  It offers up meeting spots such as conference rooms, cafes, along with the details like addresses, hours and contact information.

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