Microsoft AI Copilot Coming to Windows 10


Microsoft started its new AI assistant for Windows 11 earlier this year, which had users seeing the Copilot button directly in the Taskbar.  This rollout did not include users on Windows 10, which is still around 1 billion monthly active devices. It is estimated there is 400 million monthly active devices running Windows 11.

Microsoft is bringing its ChatGPT and Bing AI-powered Copilot to Windows 10 users in an upcoming, but still unscheduled, update. Now, you may remember that Microsoft already announced an end date for support for Windows 10 as October 14, 2025.

Microsoft did not want to have to go this direction, but user adoption for Windows 11 is not increasing at the rate they were hoping. Windows 10 still has about 2/3 of the market share. With the new assistant being made available to Windows 10 users as well, most Windows users will be able to run Copilot and help improve overall capabilities.

Adding the new artificial intelligence assistant to Windows 10 is also a benefit for developers building plugins. This platform seems to be a more attractive option for developers.

There is no sign of this update yet on the Microsoft product roadmap and there has been no official statement from Microsoft either.  We will all be watching to see if this news is confirmed and what the official release date of this update will begin.

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