Maximize Your ERP Investment


So, you have finally acknowledged that an ERP system is the best way to invest in the growth of your business. Before the software is implemented, make sure you know how to maximize your ERP investment for your organization.

Here are a few factors to consider as you begin your journey with your ERP system:

  • Establish and adhere to data policies – Your ERP software is only as good as the data it contains. Make sure that you establish data policies. Determine what information goes into the system and how it will be used ahead of time. Name an employee your “data police” to ensure the policies are maintained, updated and followed throughout your organization. The better the data, the more accurate your reports your ERP system produces will be.
  • Build process maps – One you have your policies in place, be sure to map them out. Establishing process maps allows anyone joining your company to follow the map and use the ERP and accounting system easily from their first day on the job. Written process and implementation documents ensure that information isn’t lost when someone leaves the company.
  • Beyond basic functionality – Getting true value from your ERP is about much more than enabling more efficient processes and creating transactional data.
  • Review your organization’s strategic plans – Any ERP system should support your company’s strategic pans. Examine your annual, five-year, ten-year growth plans, and make sure the ERP system chosen for your business is scalable support growth over time.
  • Keep employees up to speed – Since your ERP system will be constantly changed to meet your evolving business needs, employees will need to be trained and update frequently to operate the system properly.

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