As we creep toward the end of 2019, manufacturing trends remain focused on how to best use the Internet of Things (IoT).

And while many companies are still figuring out what, exactly, the IoT can do for them, here are some applications to look for in 2020:

  • Distributed cloud (aka cloud 2.0) – “Fog computing” is known as a highly virtualized platform that provides compute, storage and networking services between end devices and traditional works by alluding to the idea that fog is close to the ground. Centralized computing is used for a range of applications, especially those where data is neither bandwidth-intensive or time-sensitive.
  • Artificial intelligence – A byproduct of the recent rise of the Internet of Things has been the sheer volume of data being produced throughout the world. Companies of all types and sizes are inundated by this data, motivating more organizations to invest in AI to help manage and gain relevant, actionable insights from their data.
  • Blockchain – When working in tandem with IoT, blockchain can improve supply chain network traceability. For example, IoT sensors such as temperature sensors, motion sensors, or GPS provide valuable data about a specific shipment’s status. In addition, information gathered from the sensors ultimately gets stored in the blockchain, bringing traceability, auditability and transparency into the system.
  • Drone technology – Drones and IoT can combine to eliminate the dependence of specific locations or devices for placing IoT sensors, as well as monitoring, managing and collecting data from the sensors. This combination will deliver unprecedented levels of flexibility to capture and analyze data that otherwise would have been too expensive, too dangerous or too impractical to collect otherwise.

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