After everything 2020 threw at the manufacturing industry – and the business world as a whole – there isn’t any challenge that can’t be overcome in 2021 and beyond. Manufacturing trends for 2021 show how manufacturers are addressing the worldwide pandemic and the economic challenges it created that show no signs of going anywhere anytime soon.  

Navigating disruption in the manufacturing industry – For manufacturers, the challenges of 2020 should be a wakeup call to develop better systems for navigating disruptions like the one the industry is currently facing. Visibility will become the most critical capability for manufacturers in the next few months of 2021.  

Connected workforce – The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increased reliance on digital collaboration to establish and maintain a connected manufacturing workforce. An increased emphasis on safety and changes to work processes, to maintain social distancing and minimize physical contact, has led organizations of all types and sizes to adopt innovative ways to allow for workers to communicate and interact virtually.  

Internet of Things – As IoT continues to grow in prominence and becomes more widespread over time, IoT technology will drive value for the industry by allowing organizations to make measured, informed decisions using real-time data to increase efficiency and positively impact the bottom line. In fact, according to a recent study by MPI Group, about 31 percent of manufacturing production processes now incorporate smart devices and embedded intelligence. This is additional evidence that IoT is here to stay and can no longer be avoided by manufacturers.  

Predictive maintenance – There are plenty of benefits for predictive maintenance, including reduced costs, fewer failures, minimization of scheduled downtime and the optimization of parts delivery. However, effectively conducting predictive maintenance requires adopting a successful predictive maintenance model that requires manufacturers to gain insights into the variable they are collecting and how often those variables present themselves on factory floors. 

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