As we all know by now, cybercrooks do not discriminate. They will go after any vulnerable business in any market. Manufacturing is a target because they tend to use outdated technology and often have people making decisions that aren’t technical in nature. Though every industry gets attacked, the ones that hold the most data are the most at risk, making manufacturing a top target for cyberattacks.

According to a recent report, the most attacked industries are IT, healthcare, and manufacturing. IT saw over 9,000 phishing emails in a one month span, out of an average of 376,914 total emails; healthcare saw over 6,000 phishing emails out of an average of 451,792 total emails; and manufacturing saw just under 6,000 phishing emails out of an average of 331,184 total emails.

Manufacturers are experiencing supply chain disruptions due to cyberattacks, so they need to be taking measures to protect their business. Because threats have gotten so advanced, artificial intelligence is required to stop the majority of attacks missed by legacy solutions. And since Manufacturers often hold on to legacy systems too long, they must rely on AI to help with protection.

This research also shows that non-executives are often the employees targeted in phishing attacks. Your organization needs to make sure every employee from your top executives, all the way down the chain are all educated on best practices for email usage.

And my last tip is turn on multi-factor authentication in your business. NOW! It is a simple setting you can apply that will greatly improve your security posture.

If you want to understand more about multi-factor authentication, give 2W Tech a call today. We are a technology service provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. We understand how important implementing security solutions and features within your business are.

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