Manufacturing is finally coming around to the digital transformation, but are your operations prepared for the onslaught of potential cyberattacks that could come your way?  

The manufacturing industry is an easy target for a somewhat savvy cybercriminal. Between convincing phishing attacks and host of other vulnerabilities attacks cybercrooks can use to access your IT infrastructure, it is best to be prepared for anything for these reasons: 

  • Manufacturing companies are full of vulnerabilities – Between fake invoice emails from criminals posing as your vendors or imposters demanding bank account info to make quick deposits, a manufacturing company’s vast network of partners could pose problems to defend against cybercrime. Be sure to educate your employees about the signs of a phishing attack so they do not fall prey to cybercrooks and can sound off the alarms to the appropriate IT personnel who can deal with the problem.  
  • Manufacturing has the goods – This is a literal and figurative allusion, but manufacturers who have been victimized by cybercrime know all too well what this means. A breach could not only cost a manufacturer actual money, especially if ransomware is involved, but it could also lead countless other damages. The theft of intellectual property has been a huge issue for the manufacturing industry long before cybersecurity was a factor, and that has intensified greatly in Industry 4.0.  
  • Competition is fierce – It’s one thing to have to safeguard against cybercrooks just looking for some easy money via malware or ransomware. However, manufacturing firms also must protect themselves against their competitors. These companies may not need to steal your IP or data, but word of a breach could damage your reputation enough for them to cut into your market share.  

Make sure your operations are protected. Contact 2W Tech today to get started with your Cybersecurity Compliance Program and let our IT consultants do the work for you. 

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