Even the notoriously slow-to-evolve manufacturing industry is adopting Internet of Things technology at a rapid pace to optimize productivity, gain efficiencies, increase uptime and meet sustainability goals. However, with that quick adoption comes the challenge of maintaining cybersecurity and compliance throughout these organizations.  Manufacturers can rely on Microsoft Azure IoT Edge to safely and securely join Industry 4.0.

Microsoft has acknowledged this challenge, so earlier this month, the company announced the general availability of nesting capabilities of Microsoft Azure IoT Edge which conforms to ANSI/ISA-95 standard for network isolation.  

For years, network segregation within a facility has been a security principle recommended by the ANSI/ISA-95 standard, which is widely adopted across industries with high-security requirements to prevent potentially dangerous breaches. But that meant on-premises network segregation with the cloud was not possible.  

However, by enabling the hierarchies of IoT Edge through the automation pyramid in Microsoft Azure, manufacturers can collect data from their systems, aggregate it and forward it to the cloud without compromising their systems. The device management and communication functionalities of a single IoT Edge device have also been extended to work through hierarchies of IoT Edge devices.  

To further protect your IT infrastructure, Azure Defender for IoT can work in tandem with the nesting capabilities for IoT Edge to bolster security. It is a practical, agentless network-layer solution for securing brownfield and greenfield IoT/OT environments from the growing threat of cyberattacks that can take down production, steal sensitive intellectual property, and cause safety and environmental incidents.  

Cybersecurity and regulatory compliance are just two of the countless factors you must take into consideration as you embark on your journey into an IoT project. 2W Tech can help you figure out the rest of the project. We’re a Microsoft Gold partner who specializes in solutions for the manufacturing industry, and we are well-versed in the Azure hybrid cloud and the digital transformation. Contact us today to learn more.

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