Manufacturers Can Leverage Technology to Help Ease Labor Shortage


The manufacturing industry has had its ups and downs, especially with everything that was thrown its way during the pandemic. In addition to the unstable supply chain, manufacturers have been facing challenges attracting and retaining skilled labor.  

Technology solutions such as ERP and MES systems can help address the labor shortage with some of their built-in features that can help alleviate some of the time-consuming tasks. It can make onboarding new team members, collecting and sharing data, as well as improving overall business operations and efficiency easier and faster. 

One of the most obvious way technology can help ease the labor shortage is modern technology attracts the newest generation of workers who are used to having the latest and greatest in technology. Tech savvy people will be attracted to businesses that are using the trendy software programs.  

Turnover and new hires is common in manufacturing, so time is of the essence when trying to get a new employee up to speed. Using technologies such as ERP and MES, you can operate as a virtual onboarding tool for new workers. This tool can provide training, documentation, and directions through an easy-to-use interface.  

Manufacturers can manage data by using old school manual methods. Imagine flipping through paper to find part numbers, images, or drawings. Not only is this time consuming, but there is also a greater risk for error and delays. MES systems can streamline data collection, sharing and reporting by automating all those manual tasks. Not only is it all automated, but real-time data collection can give better visibility into everything that is happening on the shop floor.  By automating mundane tasks, you also free up your workers from tasks that bog them down and most likely increase their overall job satisfaction in doing so. 

MES and ERP systems can also allow machine operators to focus their time on the production line, instead of cumbersome quality checks. This speeds up the production line, while giving you valuable insight into your labor and hiring needs. You can collect data from each individual operator to understand what their output levels are each shift. This can uncover areas where additional training might be needed or areas where you have a very proficient and top-performing employee. The better you understand an employee’s needs or issue a reward for outstanding work, the more you are improving the job satisfaction of your team. When people are happy at their job, they develop loyalty and are more likely to stick around longer.  

Modern technology provides a path forward for your business, giving you the digital tools needed to be successful. If you are ready to learn more about how technology can improve your manufacturing operations and help with your labor shortage, give us a call today.  Let 2W Tech help guide you in your technology journey. 

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