IT Consulting firms can offer organizations like yours professional and managed services, depending on your IT needs. But how do you determine what your IT demands require?  Professional services are meant for specific, one-off projects that have a definitive end date. IT staffing firms that provide this type of service focus on every detail of the project, from brainstorming and planning to final implementation.

However, once the IT firm moves the data over to the cloud and completes the project, you’re responsible for the upkeep moving forward. Managed services are much more comprehensive and designed for long-term use. You don’t necessarily have to have a specific project in mind either, you can have an IT firm on-call to handle any technical questions you have, no matter how simple or complex.

When an IT Consulting firm provides managed services, knowledgeable team members assist you with everything from daily data collection to on-call tech support. It’s akin to having an in-house IT team, except you won’t have to hire any new staff members or manage their schedules.

When deciding between professional services and managed services, keep in mind the main differences with these options.

Professional services are:

  • Best for specific, one-off projects with a definitive end date
  • Detail-oriented
  • Employed for length of engagement, from brainstorming to training
  • You’re responsible for maintaining the project and its IT needs

Managed services offer:

  • An on-call IT firm
  • More comprehensive capabilities
  • Long-term usage
  • Services that are not project specific

Whether you have a one-off project or long-term, ongoing needs, 2W Tech can handle your IT demands for you. If you choose 2W Tech as your managed services provider, we will continually monitor the stability and security of your IT network so you can experience maximum network up-time, increase your efficiency and focus on your core business functions. We leverage artificial intelligence on our RMM platform to fix issues before they become an actual problem for your business. Contact 2W Tech today for more information about our managed services and other IT consulting programs.

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