Manage Your Projects via Calendar Board View in Microsoft Outlook


Microsoft Outlook now has a project management tool that allows users to bring together contacts, files, calendar events and more key factors into a large canvas. Known as Project Moca when launched in beta mode in May 2020, the feature is now a permanent solution as a calendar board view in Outlook on the web. 

Microsoft describes the calendar board as a visual planner that users can design however they like by adding and moving around items in it.  

The tasks you can use on the calendar board view include: 

  • Calendar – You can add multiple calendar items and see different calendars side by side. 
  • Task lists – Users can now add your existing task lists from To Do to your board.  
  • Clock – Keep track of different time zones to stay connected with your family, friends and colleagues around the world.  
  • Tips – Learn how to get the most out of the board view. 

There are two ways to add items to a board in this calendar board view. From the board view, you can add items by selecting “Add to board” and then choose from the list. Select “Show all” to see the full list of items you can add. From your inbox or calendar, you can right click an email message, note, task in “My Day,” or event in your calendar in Outlook on the web and select “Add to board.” 

Once you’ve added items, you can drag and drop to move them around or use keyboard shortcuts. 

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