When you are discussing collaboration tools, Microsoft Teams is usually the obvious application of choice. It is easy to forget about the rest of Microsoft’s suite of tools that also contribute to making your work life a little easier. 

If you need help with delegation, Microsoft Planner is the tool for you. Planner helps leaders create multiple task buckets and then assigns those tasks to other participants based on membership in an Office 365 group. You can track and assign tasks to others and get alerted on approaching due dates, giving you peace of mind that you can still stay on top of your delegated tasks, even if you are not handling them yourself. Do you use Microsoft Teams for collaboration? Planner can be essentially helpful for developing services for any Microsoft collaboration team.   

Power Automate, formerly called Flow, can also help automate tasks. This tool is part of the Power Platform suite of products. Power Automate integrates many of the Office 365 platform capabilities through a process called a workflow. It uses predefined templates that users can easily tweak as they see fit. Use Power Automation to simplify any process that can be outlined.  

Making the most of your hours at work is something most of us struggle with. Microsoft MyAnalytics helps optimize workers’ time by letting users manage and review their daily or weekly activity and productivity levels.  The MyAnalytics tool really helps a user hone-in on their schedule to achieve at least 2 hours a day dedicated to focusing on tasks. It can automatically schedule this time by reviewing a calendar and reserving blocks of time for uninterrupted work. 

All these tools are available in the Microsoft 365 product suite. If you need help understand these tools, let 2W Tech help. We are a technology service provider and a Microsoft Gold Partner. 2W Tech uses all these tools internally, as well as lending our expertise on them to our many clients. Give us a call today to get started maximizing the potential Microsoft 365 can bring to your business.

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