Leveraging Microsoft 365 for CMMC Preparation


Preparing for CMMC certification can be time-consuming and expensive when you consider that most organizations are unfamiliar with the process. There are tools within the Microsoft 365 portfolio that can help you prepare for your CMMC audit.  

You can complete your own assessments for CMMC levels one, two or three using Microsoft Compliance Manager. These assessments are expensive, as well as comprehensive, addressing both the technical side of your environment, as well as your processes and procedures. 

Microsoft Secure Score can be used to pinpoint the maturity level of your security. The higher your Secure Score, the stronger your security posture. To achieve the highest score possible, there are three basic categories that play a crucial role in your security posture identity, devices, and applications. You can raise your maturity score by having things like identity protection, controlled access policies, device compliance, geolocation monitoring, application management and data loss prevention policies. 

By combining the assessments of Compliance Manager with the rating system in Secure Score, you can get an accurate account of your organization’s security posture. By closing the gaps in your assessment and getting yourself a high Secure Score, you will be close to achieving the requirements needed for CMMC level two.  

While this method sets companies up for CMMC level two success, more is needed for level three certification.  

For help with leveraging Microsoft 365 for your CMMC preparation, give 2W Tech a call. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner with experienced IT Consultants on staff that can help your business through your CMMC assessment and compliance.  

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