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women_building_blocks_800_clr_7871Today’s business environment has transformed what enterprises need from their ERP systems. Competition has led to the development of extended value networks, with facilities, suppliers, and partners in every part of the globe; and it is much more nuanced than was ever imagined. Change is constant.
Innovation is accelerating. Competitive pressures and customer expectations are higher. In this dynamic and challenging environment, technology must support the goals of better collaboration, increased agility, real-time responsiveness, and higher performance while reducing complexity in what is inherently a complex structure. Failing to do so may hinder what technology is meant to drive: growth and opportunity.
Epicor ERP 10 has been built from the ground up to comprehensively respond to these needs and provide the support organizations require to thrive in today’s competitive business landscape. Guided by the needs of today’s organizations, Epicor ERP 10 streamlines the use of ERP across multiple devices while providing greater deployment choices, reduced complexity, and remarkable ease-of-use. Built on agile technology to provide rich functionality, that is a truly inspired ERP solution, one that not only unleashes the full potential of all business processes, but also changes its role from necessary infrastructure to active facilitator of business growth and sustainability.
Epicor ERP 10 is built on a server architecture fully optimized for Microsoft ® Windows®Server and Microsoft SQL Server®. This helps make it simple to manage and very hardware efficient. Relatively easy to deploy, the solution includes new features such as Epicor Social Enterprise and Epicor Enterprise Search, while incorporating all the rich business capabilities and global functionality of its predecessor suite, Epicor 9.
In addition, Epicor Web Access, the browser client for Epicor ERP, has been re-architected to improve speed and user friendliness.Microsoft®.NET® 4.51 and SQL Server combine to form the underlying platform for Epicor ERP 10. These platform components were chosen not only for their proven reliability, but also because the stack has a very low total cost of ownership (TCO). Microsoft SQL Server has long been a popular database technology for Epicor customers, and ERP 10 doubles down on the Epicor commitment to build fast and robust applications that make the most of SQL Server’s capabilities in the enterprise. ERP 10 services are hosted on Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), which means the entire architecture can be managed and extended using commonly available technical skills.

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