No manufacturer can effectively run their business without an ERP system. In today’s fast-moving digital business environment, just any ERP system will not do. An innovative ERP system can help your business uncover data-driven insights and leverage them for productivity, scalability, and profitability. Running cloud ERP, your business can use advanced technology to automate manual tasks, effectively manage and analyze the copious amounts of data you create, and just help your operations become more agile and flexible.

Here are a few ways cloud ERP can transform your business:

  • Automates manual tasks: Leave manual, menial tasks in your rearview mirror. By picking up the slack of some of these tasks, it relieves some of the pressure on the team, so they can focus on mission-critical work instead.
  • Get the right information: Cloud ERP supports a business that wants to be about data-driven decision making. It allows for advanced tools like artificial intelligence and data analytic to be used to help drill even further down into your data.
  • Consolidate your applications: Running multiple disparage systems can really burden a business. Migrating to a cloud ERP allow you to streamline your entire ecosystem, freeing up valuable resources that were working overtime to maintain all your other systems.
  • Quick resolution: Machine breakdowns, inventory shortages, and supply chain backups are normal issues for a manufacturer to face. Cloud ERP systems can help you get ahead of these types of issues with automated tracing and transparency and AI-powered predictive analytics, so that you can resolve them proactively.
  • Supports remote operations: Let your users work easily from anywhere. Cloud ERP helps support user needs, while opening new opportunities for productivity and growth.

Organizations that do not let 2023 be the year they adopt cloud ERP, are really putting up unnecessary roadblocks within their business. Do not let this be you.

2W Tech is a technology solutions provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. We are an Epicor Platinum Partner with over 30 years’ experience working with their solutions. Let our team of expert ERP Consultants introduce Epicor in Azure to your business. Running Epicor Kinetic in the Microsoft Azure cloud is the perfect pairing.

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