The latest release of Epicor Kinetic 2021.2 was designed with manufacturing in mind. There are a variety of new features and functionalities included in this release that are aimed at streamlining operations and improving overall business efficiency. Let’s take a closer look at the methods of manufacturing within Kinetic 2021.2.

You can mange your product bill of materials and routings in one central location. This part-specific method of manufacturing is controlled through engineering and offers drill-down functionality to lower-level subcomponents, as well as materials and routing components required for each.  

Streamline your engineering operations by enabling your engineers to start with an existing method of manufacture from the methods master, a quote, or a job, and then you can easily modify if for the project at hand. 

Epicor supports various types of bill of materials (BOM). Traditional BOM management is supported with single-level part format that recognizes materials and components required to build parts. Multi-level has that same functionality but also incorporates internal and external routing steps to complete end to end assembly visibility, planning, scheduling, and costing.  

Effectively being able to manage your routings is important for your operational efficiency. You have a central location to manage every aspect of producing a product including detailed routings facilitate planning, scheduling, and product cost management. Any changes made are automatically communicated to the plan floor execution system and operators. Not all routing is simple, so even your multilevel routing can be eastly understood, navigated, and revised without having to tax your engineer’s bandwidth.  

If you need help understanding how to properly navigate your methods of manufacturing within your Epicor Kinetic ERP, let us help. 2W Tech is a long-standing Epicor partner with over 30 years working with Epicor ERP. Let this Epicor Platinum partner help your business maximize your Epicor investment.

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