Key Updates to Datamarts in Power BI


In August, Microsoft announced improvements to its Datamarts in Power BI fully managed SQL database, which allows users to early perform database analytics in no-code/low-code environments. These improvements were made to the Visual and SQL Query editor within Datamarts based on user feedback.  

  • Default query name – When users create a new query within Visual Query editor or the SQL Query editor, your query gets a default name. This default query name will be displayed in the query tab and the Object explorer.   
  • Cancel – If a SQL query you are executing is taking too long or is not returning the expected results, it can be canceled by clicking the “Cancel” button within the Ribbon, assuming it has not already finished.   
  • AutoSave – This feature is enabled by default for queries. As you start writing your query within the Visual Query editor or the SQL Query editor, Power BI saves the query automatically every few seconds as you work.   
  • Multiple query tabs – Users can now be more productive by working on multiple queries simultaneously using query tabs. You can create new tabs by clicking on the “+” button in the tab or “+ New query” in the Ribbon.   
  • View saved queries – As soon as a query is automatically saved, you can view all saved queries within the Datamart’s Object explorer on the left. Users also can use the queries in the Object explorer to navigate to the query of their choice. When you switch from SQL Query editor to Visual Query editor or vice versa, it remembers the query that you were last working on and is selected in the Object explorer.  

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