Thinking back to a few months ago, life really had a way of passing by too quick. There weren’t enough hours in the day to get things done. Fast forward until today and most of us are finding ourselves with lots of time on our hands thanks to COVID-19. Life sure has a funny way to make us all slow down and smell the roses! Depending what type of business or job you work in, you may find yourself and your team a little slower during the day and need something to help fill the time. One way to keep your teams productive is with training.

If you are running an ERP system, that is a great area for training due to the system complexity. 2W Tech is an Epicor Gold Partner and we ourselves spend lots of time engaging in training. They have a learning center they call Epicor University, where they provide cloud-based learning tools, content and training opportunities that enables you to up-skill your workforce from any place at any time, as well as tools that provide fast answers while using your ERP system. They have various self-paced, on-demand and just-in-time learning that can be used to train employees on the entire range of Epicor ERP capabilities.

2W Tech is also a Microsoft Gold Partner and they also have a Microsoft Learning Center. In their learning center, you can master core concepts at your speed and on your schedule. Whether you’ve got 15 minutes or an hour, you can develop practical skills through interactive modules and paths. They have a lot of short videos that train on various parts of their programs and it is a great way to learn new skills without being overloaded by an hour-long video where you may only care about a few parts of it.

Epicor and Microsoft are just a few of thousands of companies that offer training. Whatever area of business you choose to further your education, will be time well spent. During this pandemic, many organizations are offering more resources and certification opportunities for free. Contact 2W Tech today if you are interested in any end user training. 2W Tech is a technology service provider and have Epicor and IT Consultants on staff that specialize in various areas of business and would be happy to help your organization with technology training opportunities.

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