Keep Up with your SOC Requirements


The entire world has had to work together to keep industry moving in the face of a worldwide pandemic. And while some regulatory bodies have given some leeway for their mandates, there are still plenty of regulations that must be adhered to. Keeping up with SOC requirements is no different.

If you’re concerned with how the pandemic could affect your SOC reports, work with your service auditor to evaluate your situation. Management is required to disclose changes to the control environment in its SOC reports. The key is to disclose the circumstances that prevented you from performing the controls with sufficient clarity to the readers of your SOC report.

If your systems were configured to restrict remote access, this may prevent you from collecting and providing the items you request for the SOC exam. This may affect the SOC examination itself. However, your IT partner often restricts remote access to only those individuals that require it. Existing technologies can be reconfigured to allow access for additional essential personnel in a secure manner.

It is wisest to consolidate your regulatory auditing needs under one concise system. For example, choose a partner who can perform an SOC examination as well as a PCI SSC, GDPR and NIST.

Even though regulatory agencies are pumping the brakes on enforcement during the pandemic, you shouldn’t slow down your efforts to maintain compliance with regulations. Instead, take the opportunity to bolster your regulatory compliance. Contact 2W Tech today to get started with your Cybersecurity Compliance Program and let our IT consultants do the work for you.

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