Welcome to IT 101, where the experts at 2W Tech will tackle a hot topic in the IT industry and break it down for educational purposes. This week we cover types of wireless network attacks and ethical hacking.

Since cyberattacks of all shapes and sizes are becoming a daily occurrence, “hacking” has become a common part of our vocabulary. But malicious threat actors aren’t the only ones interested in hacking. There are also computer experts called upon for ethical hacking.

Ethical hacking, also known as penetration testing, is used to intrude into systems or networks to find vulnerabilities before the bad guys and take exploit them. Ethical hacking is used to curtail data breaches, financial losses or any other type of malicious activity connected to cyberattacks.

Ethical hackers, also known as white hats, typically use the same methods and tools used by black hats (the bad guys), except they have the permission of the organization or institution for the purpose of improving security.

Let the white hats tell you where your organization is vulnerable before the black hats take advantage of your weaknesses. Contact 2W Tech today to take advantage of our Cybersecurity Compliance Program.

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