Is Your IT Provider Top Notch?


It is difficult for us to be working with a client on an Epicor ERP installation and get to see first-hand some of the struggles they have with their current IT provider. Change is hard for a lot of people. I can only imagine it gets harder the longer you are with someone. Our move into the IT Consulting space was a natural one that emerged from wanting to help in situations where we were working with a client that was unhappy with their IT Provider.
Most organizations rely heavily on technology, my hunch is yours is no different. Every second your
computers or servers are down, this could be costing your business money. We encourage you to not settle for anything less than top notch service from your IT provider, regardless of what partner you choose to work with. It is also important to make sure the IT Consultant has the necessary expertise to handle your business. Since we originated as an Epicor ERP partner, we see a lot of manufacturing companies that need specialized IT work and are partnering with an IT Consultant that doesn’t understand their business. Having specialized skills is what sets apart a decent IT Consultant with a great one. You may consider costs when selecting a Consultant, but expertise can prove to be invaluable.
Another criteria that should be important when deciding if your IT Consultant is right for your business is how they fit into your organization. Beyond just the expertise needed to be able to understand your business, your staff is going to have to be able to rely on and work closely with them. If your staff does not feel comfortable with the Consultant or have confidence in their abilities, the IT issues you are facing will not be solved in a timely and effective manner.
If you are not satisfied with your current IT provider and don’t know where to turn for help, 2W would be happy to discuss your options with you. We can cover your monitoring for any notification period for free up to 90 days. Try us out and see if our partnership makes good business sense.

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