Azure Storage is Microsoft’s cloud storage solution for modern data storage scenarios. Azure Storage offers a massively scalable object store for data objects, a file system service for the cloud, a messaging store for reliable messaging, and a NoSQL store. Azure Storage is:

  • Durable and highly available
  • Secure
  • Scalable
  • Managed

Azure Storage Windows Azure Microsoft Gold PartnerAzure Storage includes these data services:

  • Azure Blobs: A massively scalable object store for text and binary data
  • Azure Files: Managed file shares for cloud or on-premises deployments
  • Azure Queues: A messaging store for reliable messaging between application components
  • Azure Tables: A NoSQL store for schemaless storage of structured data

Azure Storage offers three types of storage accounts. Each type supports different features and has its own pricing model. Consider these differences before you create a storage account to determine the type of account that is best for your applications. The three types of storage accounts are:

  • General-purpose v2 accounts: Basic storage account type for blobs, files, queues, and tables. Recommended for most scenarios using Azure Storage
  • General-purpose v1 accounts: Legacy account type for blobs, files, queues, and tables. Use general-purpose v2 accounts instead when possible
  • Blob storage accounts: Blob-only storage accounts. Use general-purpose v2 accounts instead when possible

As you can tell, this brief introduction to Azure Storage doesn’t even dive deep into the specifics and capabilities, because quite frankly, there is a lot of bells and whistles. To get started with Microsoft Azure storage, give us a call today. 2W Tech is a Microsoft Gold Partner and would be happy to discuss all the options available to you with the Microsoft Azure cloud products.

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