In a 2019 report, AT&T Cybersecurity announced that within 24 months of a major data loss, 72 percent of businesses are forced to shut down. Those are bad odds for your threat management, especially since cybercriminals have started targeting small to mid-sized businesses along with major enterprises.

That was last year. As we all have learned the hard way, nothing is the same in 2020, and cybersecurity is no exception. Skybox Security released a mid-year update for its 2020 Vulnerability and Threat Trends Report to address the COVID-19 crisis, and they determined 2020 vulnerability reports will likely hit 20,000, setting a new record.

There also will be a 50 percent increase in mobile vulnerabilities, which will expose the dangers of working between corporate and personal networks. Vulnerabilities on mobile operating systems have increased by 50 percent through Android flaws alone. This trend is occurring at the same time as home networks and personal devices increasingly interact with corporate networks due to the huge number of remote workers.

New ransomware and trojan samples have soared during the pandemic, especially those designed to exploit the Remote Desktop Protocol.

This is a lot to take on if you’re an SMB already dealing with the challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. Partner with 2W Tech for your threat management needs. As part of our managed services provider suite of capabilities, 2W Tech trusts a security solution that effectively prevents advanced and targeted threats designed to steal your business, customer and payment card data. We’re also prepared should security incidents or data breaches occur. Contact us today.

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