Importance of the Epicor Signature Methodology


The Epicor Signature Methodology is a proven model for implementing ERP systems that are organized, systematic, and cost-effective yet flexible enough to modify the process to meet the needs of each customer. Epicor and their partners, including us, have been using this method for quite some time now.  

The methodology allows the partner to plan, schedule, and control project activities to meet customer objectives regarding time, cost, and scope. It helps everyone keep their eye on the ball.  

Epicor Signature Methodology has 5 phases:  

  • Prepare: Expectations are set, and the discovery phase is concluded 
  • Plan: This is the phase that begins once the contract is signed and concludes with the project management is complete and the project is officially kicked off within the business 
  • Design: This is the phase where the internal core team begins learning about the system, designing processes, converting data, and verifying that their processes are complete 
  • Validate: Processes are complete, and users begin testing and verifying all their requirements and processes are being met 
  • Deploy: This phase goes through training, go-live, and post go-live until the project is ready to be closed and graduated to complete! 

Understanding what needs to be accomplished in every phase, keeps the project on track and ensures nothing important gets missed. Now, this does not mean every phase is scripted completely and does not change from implementation to implementation. Every project looks different; however, the five phases are always present.  

Why does 2W Tech use the Epicor Signature Method? We are an Epicor Platinum partner and have over 30 years’ experience with Epicor solutions. We use this signature method on every Epicor Kinetic implementation to ensure our clients have the best outcome possible. 

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