The last year has refined what disaster means for everyone. It is more important than ever that you reevaluate your disaster recovery solution to ensure its relevant in this current climate. Unfortunately, in today’s world there are plenty of people that are doing their best to take advantage of the situation and using ransomware to monetize on the pandemic. Don’t be an easy target.

A ransomware attack could hold your data hostage, bringing your business to a sudden halt. But ransomware is not the only threat. Failures and outages affect business more often than you would realize. There are also networking issues, service unavailability, data integrity problems, application performance issues, and missing critical workloads. Not to mention, one of the most common issues causing a disaster is hardware failure. Every single one of those situations could mean disaster for your business. Time is money.  

It is not enough for your business to have a disaster recovery solution in place, you need to test and ensure your plan is effective. Do you test your disaster recovery plan annually at minimum? Testing your disaster recovery plan can help you establish a baseline goal. Every time you test, you can fine-tune and increase your disaster recovery speed.  

Disaster recovery implementations may be on the rise, but regular testing is not. Every time your IT team deploys new resources into your environment, your disaster recovery plan should be adjusted and tested. Regular testing can help uncover any shortfalls in your plan before it is too late.  

If you need help implementing a disaster recovery plan or executing testing on your already established plan, give us a call today. 2W Tech is a technology service provider that has IT Consultants on staff that specialize in security solutions. Let us help you get your disaster recovery plan to its maximum potential.

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