The impact COVID-19 had on manufacturing will forever change the supply chain. Capabilities that would have taken months or years to build came to life in a matter of weeks for many manufacturing businesses that stepped up to help produce products we need to survive. But as with every positive, negatives were brought to life with the ever-shifting manufacturing industry. Throughout manufacturing businesses worldwide, the lack of getting real-time shop floor data into Epicor or whatever ERP system they use is a big problem that came to light.

Some challenges getting information out of the shop include:

  • Job tickets- long lag times, legibility, inefficient processes and human error
  • MES- operators have to chase the information or are computer illiterate, language differences or not enough stations
  • System- running disparate systems, machine stoppages and scrap reporting

Alora, by Data Inventions, is a cloud-based platform that gives manufacturers the visibility to real-time production performance improving productivity and reducing downtime.  Alora seamlessly connects and analyzes Epicor and shop floor data in real-time, providing users from operators to management with the actionable information they need. No more waiting until the end of a shift, spending hours reconciling part counts and labor costs.

2W Tech is a technology service provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry.  We are an Epicor Gold Partner and understand the challenges many of our clients face on the shop floor daily. Give us a call to learn more about Alora and how it can integrated seamlessly with your Epicor ERP to improve your machine and labor utilization.

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