How to Choose The Right ERP Solution


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has transformed the way businesses operate and has become a crucial piece of technology. Your ERP solution is the heart of your business, and it helps keep your operations running efficiently. Selecting an ERP system can be a daunting task because of how important it is to a business. Your ERP should be tailored to your company’s needs, and you should select the right partner that can support implementation and any customizations you might need. How do you go about selecting the right ERP solution?

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There are several areas you want to evaluate:

  • Industry support: All ERP systems offer basic business requirements, but you want to ensure the solution you select is tailored to your industry. Epicor Kinetic ERP was designed with manufacturers in mind, so customers can be confident it will have the features and functionality your manufacturing business needs.
  • Dedicated partner: Implementing an ERP system is a complex and lengthy process. The early process of selecting and planning for an ERP system is a critical time, but support after go-live is just as crucial. When you are selecting an ERP system, you need to also factor in finding a partner that can be with you every step of the way, even after your ERP system goes live.
  • Implementation Roadmap: No two implementations go the same, and every business has varying needs during that process. The implementation roadmap is customized for your company’s resources, capabilities, requirements, and limitations. That way your path to go-live is dependable and do-able. Ensure that whatever ERP solution and partner you are evaluating, offers an implementation roadmap customized for your business.
  • Checks all your boxes: You have challenges and business needs that you need your ERP system to help you improve and overcome. Make sure you select a software that checks all the boxes for the goals you have outlined and can help you with your operational pain points. Do not compromise on this. If there is a feature or functionality that your business needs to be successful, make sure there is a customization plan to ensure you get the outcome you need. If there is no plan, then you need to keep evaluating solutions and/or partners.

Choosing the right ERP solution and partner is a major decision and here at 2W Tech, we are going to make it easy for you! 2W Tech is one of the largest Epicor partners in North America, we hold an Epicor Platinum Elite Partner designation, and we have a large team of Epicor Consultants with vast experience with Epicor Kinetic ERP. Give us a call today and let our team be your partner of choice!

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