IT Support encompasses a wide range of services and activities aimed at helping organizations with their technology related needs. The needs vary from organization to organization, so no IT support offerings delivered should look the same. One area that often lacks awareness is Infrastructure consulting and design. Infrastructure design is the process of creating a blueprint for the organization and includes the physical and virtual components that make up a system or network. This should include hardware and software components, as well as the interconnections between them.

In an ideal world, infrastructure design is intentional, meaning it is a deliberate and planned process that considers the specific requirements, goals, and restrictions of a system or project. However, not all design is intentional. Organizations or projects face time or budget constraints, or other challenges arise that lead to poor decision-making or lack of awareness of the consequences of their actions. This means many times organizations fall into a vicious cycle of reactive infrastructure design, constantly reacting to immediate needs vs. having a comprehensive long-term strategy.

Make no mistake, infrastructure design is a complex process that requires various stakeholders to work in tandem to position their organization to make informed decision based on specific needs and goals of an organization or project. If you are the victim of unintentional design, it is not too late to improve and optimize your infrastructure through intentional design.

2W Tech specializes in Infrastructure Consulting and Design and can help your organization appropriately use your available resources to strike a balance between addressing your immediate needs, while also planning for long-term sustainability and scalability. A well-designed network helps in reducing operational costs, minimizing downtime, and ensuring scalability to accommodate future growth.

2W Tech’s expertise in on-site hardware, Microsoft Azure, and Azure Infrastructure plays a significant role in providing clients with top-tier network and infrastructure design solutions. Not to mention our experience with M365 solutions, as well as Epicor Kinetic ERP. Overall, the combination of innovative technologies and a deep understanding of the clients’ requirements enables 2W Tech to deliver robust and future-proof network and infrastructure designs. Give us a call today to learn more!

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