How Do You Keep Your Shop Floor Equipment Running Smooth?


Manufacturing is facing no lack of challenges today. In an industry that is so crucial to the lively hood of the world, manufacturers need to find ways to overcome the copious amounts of challenges they are facing. One crucial issue facing manufacturers daily is how to keep their shop floor equipment running smooth? 

Your shop is busy daily, and depending on what you manufacture, maybe even busier than usual. Imagine trying to keep up with demand already and then a machine breaks down. Best case scenario, it becomes a headache. Worst case it halts production completely. 

Equipment or tools breakdown can be very costly, and not just in terms of the breakdown itself. You are also facing: 

  • Lost production time 
  • Possibility of missing a shipment 
  • Cost of expedited shipping 
  • Low vendor ratings 
  • Possible lost business 

Utilizing predictive maintenance with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology can help avoid these stressful situations. There is modern technology like sensors that can help a manufacturer get an understanding of when an asset is going to fail or break down before it happens. The IIoT solution will set off an alarm at any anomaly it sees, alerting of an issue for investigation.  

The key to an efficient shop floor is having actionable data. Manufacturers need to take advantage of any way they can streamline their business to improve productivity, improve quality and reduce downtime. IIoT allows for real-time insights and gives you the ability to act on this information to avoid a machine breakdown.  

Manufacturers get a lot of information back from the machines on the shop floor. This real-time information is critical for production planning purposes for a business in managing orders the entire way through a products lifecycle. The key is implementing modern technology such as sensors, robots, AI, IIoT tools, to make it easier to manage. 

Does your business have a process and the tools in place to ensure your shop floor equipment runs smooth? If you are not sure or just want to double-check, let 2W Tech help. We are a technology service provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. We offer cutting edge technology, along with vast experience in both manufacturing and modern technology solutions. Give us a call today to learn more.  

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