Green Screen Feature Now in Microsoft Teams


Another exciting feature has made its way to Microsoft Teams. Microsoft introduced a new green screen feature today that is designed to improve existing virtual backgrounds by increasing the sharpness and definition around facial features. It also allows you to show a prop or other object in your hand to be more visible to other meeting participants. This feature was designed for use with a dedicated green screen, but you can also use with a solid color green or a clear background wall behind you as well.

“The screen or background wall must be flat without stains or other irregularities,” says Jan Steberl, Microsoft Teams program manager, in a blog post. “Users must apply a background effect in Teams meetings to enable the green screen effect and should carefully select the backdrop color so that the effect is applied correctly, and better quality is achieved.” Click to read the Microsoft blog post. 

This green screen feature is already available for everyone in the public preview channel of Microsoft Teams. This feature is only supports on Windows and macOS devices with intel chips. You will need to first apply a background effect in a Teams meeting before you can enable it. Once enabled, you can pick the color of the wall behind you or green if you have a dedicated green screen.  Please note, this green screen feature will disable any background blur and is not supported currently in the Together Mode.

We see you Microsoft Teams and cannot wait to see what is next!

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