The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) ensure the safety of consumers by making sure organizations that transmit, store or process credit card information are hardening their IT infrastructure with a strict security framework and the best practices available. 

But where do you begin with such an overwhelming set of regulations like PCI DSS?   

2W Tech has helpful tips to help you get started on your journey toward compliance with PCI DSS:  

  • Understand the PCI DSS scope of your environment – This means identifying the people, processes and technologies that affect or may affect cardholder data security. These factors are subject to PCI DSS requirements.  
  • Understand what data should be protected – First, determine what qualifies as sensitive data that needs to be protected through PCI compliance. Then determine where this sensitive data is kept in your environment.   
  • Do not store sensitive data – Looking at your systems you analyze as part of the PCI compliance process, consider whether information needs to be stored and stored at every point in the cycle. Not storing sensitive data is one of the best things you can do to bring your organization toward PCI compliance.   
  • Use network segmentation – PCI applies only to servers, network devices and applications in your organization that process, store or transmit cardholder data. By separating components covered by PCI DSS from the rest of your IT network, you reduce the risk of your clients’ credit card data being intercepted.  
  • Test the effectiveness of the security controls – To ensure PCI DSS compliance, you must perform three different security tests in your environment. The tests you should perform are internal network vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and an Approved Scanning Vendor program.   
  • Form a dedicated team to ensure PCI compliance – Compliance with PCI DSS is an ongoing process. Managing PCI compliance throughout the year often requires cross-departmental support and collaboration. 

For SMBs, the last step may prove to be too much of a strain on financial and labor resources. That’s where 2W Tech steps in. We have a Cybersecurity Compliance Program that will make sure your organization complies with PCI DSS as well as any other industry regulations you must follow. Contact us today for more info.  

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