Gathering and Using Invaluable Real-time Data from the Shop Floor


Gathering the massive amount of data produced in the factory and making sense of it to increase productivity and efficiency has been the bane of the manufacturing industry’s existence since machinery became smart. However, Data Inventions’ Alora platform has succeeded in getting real-time data from the shop floor to make better data-driven decisions on your equipment and manpower.

Alora allows machine operators and managers to connect to actionable information using simple, intuitive interfaces. These interfaces help enable these employees to prevent errors from occurring and avert defects throughout the production process. Automated systems offer visibility to production performances, and real-time insights inform decisions and actions that reduce downtime and improve productivity throughout the operation.

Considering more than 99 percent of data created in a typical factory is discarded without attempting to derive insight, this is a huge turnaround for that otherwise lost information.

Instead of losing this data, the cloud-based Alora, by Data Inventions, can help:

  • Prevent failure
  • Improve productivity and service levels
  • Validate part counts
  • Manage production, downtime, and scrap in real time

2W Tech is a technology service provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. We are an Epicor Gold Partner and understand the challenges many of our clients face on the shop floor daily. Give us a call to learn more about Alora and how it can be integrated seamlessly with your Epicor ERP to improve your machine and labor utilization.

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