Further Your Productivity with Microsoft Viva Insights


Viva Insights uses the power of data and analytics to help businesses of all sizes and industries improve their employees’ productivity. Powered by Microsoft 365, Viva is an employee experience platform that brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights. This tool pairs with Microsoft Teams to foster a culture where people and teams can collaborate and perform their best work from anywhere.  

The tool is actually pretty cool. It analyzes Microsoft 365 data, such as emails, calls, meetings, and chats, and then shows users personalized recommendations that can help them do their best work. The goal is to help a user build better and healthier work habits to help them become more productive and improve their well-being.  

Here are some usual features of this tool: 

  • Personal Insights: provides a user with information on how they work and what they need to do to improve their performance 
  • Teamwork habits: lets a user determine work habits that may cause burnout, such as having too many meetings, too little focus time, and frequent after-hours work. This helps team members balance productivity and well-being 
  • Organization trends: provide managers and department heads visibility into how the work culture is impacting employee productivity and well-being, so they can make necessary adjustments 
  • Advanced Insights: provides executives with information about vital issues with organizational resiliency, such as how work affects their people and the business 

In additional to the above features, there are some other features that specifically address employee work life balance such as helping them staying connected, helping protect their time, sends praise, encourages employees to reflect, helps center their headspace, encourages them to take a break, and provides them with a Microsoft To-do list.  

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