Five Reasons to Upgrade to Epicor 10


Upgrade to ERP 10

There is a lot of buzz around Epicor’s ERP 10. I’m fielding calls from our clients on a daily basis wondering what the deal is and if this is the time to move to Epicor’s most current version.  So, as I see it, there are a number of compelling reasons to upgrade.stick_figure_drawing_goals_text_11045-1

  1. It’s snappy. Epicor has fixed the lag of previous versions. Through some under the hood architecture changes the entire system is responsive, overall faster and needs less hardware.
  2. The user interface is exactly how you’d expect a modern software to operate, intuitive and easy. Are you always going to a specific area of the system? (most of us do) Create a quick launch tile to take you right there. Run a a report? Get to a need a dashboard? Click the custom tile and you’re right where you need to be.
  3. Mobile – really mobile. Yeah I know, you can get to any website on your smartphone. But Epicor 10 has apps for Apple, Windows and Android. The interface (see #2) is built for touch so there is very little learning curve.
  4. Communication – It took me a while to get my head around this one but here’s the deal, you can message and send alerts to both your Epicor users as well as non users both inside and outside your business. So your sales guy does a what if order and sends that to the operations manager who can tell there isn’t enough material to fill the job. She forwards that to purchasing who can issue the RFQ to your vendors all within Epicor 10 with links to all the relvent information.
  5. Epicor did the beta process the right way. The process was through and extensive. I think the released version is as solid as can be expected for new software and we haven’t seen many real issues in the upgrades we are managing.

So it it time for you to take the leap and upgrade to the newest Epicor ERP version? Probably, but if not it will be soon.

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