The manufacturing industry once had a reputation for adapting to changes at a glacial pace. For the sake of progress and technological advancement, the sector has shaken that reputation for the most part, but there are still plenty of ways manufacturers need to catch up with the rest of the digitized transformation.

Manufacturing Trends IT Consultant

Here are five trends in IT the manufacturing industry should consider:

  1. Filling the workforce gap – The IT skills shortage is won’t affect the cybersecurity sector only. Manufacturers need to start investing now to ensure they are building a workforce of the future. This year will see increased investment in digital training internally and in partnership with educational institutions.
  2. AI/machine learning – The increased adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) also will see an increase in the amount of data that manufacturers produce. AI and machine learning will give manufacturers the ability to manage volumes of data, generate legible insights and proffer solutions to increase their responsiveness, improve efficiency, and help identify new business opportunities.
  3. 5G rollout — 5G will deliver huge improvements in download speeds, latency and the ability to remotely control an array of devices. This will be the year that the groundwork and preparation for 5G rollout really picks up, with the potential for the beginning of a limited rollout by the end of 2019.
  4. Cybersecurity — As companies become more digital and increase their connected footprint, they will be increasingly exposed to cyberthreats. Simultaneously, they need to balance the need for security with the need to be able to innovate.
  5. IoT expansion — It is widely accepted that the IoT market is growing at an exponential rate and becoming the norm for many, with 3.6 billion connected devices used for daily tasks this year. In 2019, this will continue to spread.

The best approach to the digital transformation is to have a plan before attempting to implement any new technologies or trends. 2W Tech is a full-service IT consulting firm that specializes in solutions for the manufacturing industry and can assist you with your digital transformation. Give us a call today.

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