Innovative technology and the trends that have emerged from the digital transformation have enabled a rush of swift changes in ERP systems. ERP systems are needed in organizations to gather data from the business in one central location. However, organizations are now burdened by the quantity of information collected and need tools to analyze the data. Thus, intelligent ERP solutions were born. 

Today’s ERP solutions are augmented with artificial intelligence and connected data, pulling information from various external sources, and helping make sense of the data. ERP systems now have contextualized features, experiences, processes, and can continually learn, improve, and adapt.  

ERP solutions are now intelligent solutions. They have evolved to help reduce human error, reduce spending, and free up time for employees who are no longer burdened with manual tasks.  

ERP solutions are evolving due to advancements in AI, the interconnectivity of internet of things smart devices, edge computing, digital twins, remote operations, machine learning and smart factories. As modern technologies emerge and existing technologies evolve, ERP systems need to keep up with the changes. The future is going to hold ERP systems that are more intelligent, more user-friendly, and more integrated than ever before.  

ERP systems are becoming so smart, they are making themselves essential for businesses of all sizes and in all industries.  

2W Tech is an Epicor platinum elite partner that has been working with Epicor solutions for over 30 years. Epicor Kinetic is a cloud-based modern ERP system that has all the features and functionality to allow your business to continue to evolve as technology does. Give us a call today and let our team of ERP Consultants introduce your business to Epicor Kinetic.  

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