Epicor’s Voice of the Manufacturing Manager 2023 Report – Part Two


We continue with part two of Epicor’s Voice of the Manufacturing Manager 2023 Report. As a recap, to better understand how Manufacturing leaders successfully navigate modern technologies, ever changing customer demands, unstable supply chain, and labor shortage to create a successful business model that can scale, generate revenue, and create value for their customers, Epicor surveyed 400 C-level executives, owners, and partners, and select management from a variety of manufacturing companies and produced their “Voice of the Manufacturing Manager 2023” report.

Epicor’s Voice of the Manufacturing Manager 2023 Report, Voice of the Manufacturing Manager, Manufacturing, ManufacturerPart one focused on technology and modernization, as well as upskilling and hiring trends within the manufacturing industry. In part two, we are going to focus on priorities and challenges and engagement and morale findings from the report.

Here are some key takeaways from that report focusing on priorities, challenges, engagement, and morale:

  1. Manufacturing leaders’ highest priority is quality control so they can create high-quality products to meet customer standards. Other top priorities include managing the costs of their operations and safety.
  2. Sixty-three% of those surveyed stated implementing sustainable practices and procedures are a higher priority now than ever before to keep their organization modern, efficient, and competitive. Same is true for integrating innovative technology at sixty-one%.
  3. The manufacturing leaders surveyed said they like working with technology the most, followed by building or creating something with their hands, and leading their teams.
  4. For manufacturing leaders, the biggest daily challenge is hitting their product targets, which is challenging often due to inefficient processes, lack of modern technology, or lack of labor or supplies. They find managing diverse teams across different business units challenging and ensuring that work environments are safe and compliant.
  5. Sixty-four% of manufacturing leaders say their workplace has high morale. The biggest contributor is offering employees paid time off, followed by opportunities for growth or recognition, as well as higher pay.
  6. When asked what they do to create a better work environment for their employees, manufacturing leaders said that the biggest initiative is providing the right tools and technology to their workers, which can allow them to do their jobs faster and more efficiently. They also prioritize listening to staff and ensuring their needs are met.

Epicor’s Voice of Manufacturing Manager 2023 Report should be used by the industry as a benchmark to where manufacturing sits today in terms of innovation adoption. The overall goal for every Manufacturer is to improve operational efficiency, reduce overall costs, and to deliver on-time quality products to customers.

You can download the full Epicor report here.

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