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Proper maintenance on your Epicor system requires expertise on all areas of your Epicor system. Not just the Epicor application and all the numerous patches that are released monthly. But SQL and server operating systems need regular attention as well.

On a quarterly basis, 2W Tech’s engineers will upgrade the Epicor application to the latest Epicor patch level and perform technical maintenance on both the Epicor application and the Azure instance if needed.

Technical maintenance and updates to the Epicor app and server include:

  • Review logs
  • Run disk cleanup scripts
  • Review memory usage (current and historical from reports)
  • Review memory usage
  • Review event logs
  • Check and apply Windows Updates
  • Check IIS application settings
  • Manual cleanup of server logs, SQL logs, etc.
  • Verify UAC enabled
  • Download and apply the latest released BIOS, firmware, drivers, and support software
  • Review systems utilization
  • Check storage and monitor performance Server OS
  • Run applicable Microsoft Best Practices Analyzer reports
  • Review scheduled SQL tasks and event logs
  • Check database structure reports for any anomalies
  • Update maintenance scripts to latest versions if needed