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Prebuilt customized reports designed specifically for Epicor ERP systems are available. All reports include logo placement and installation help. Other customizations available on request. If you can’t find what you are looking for, just ask. We can customize anything to meet your needs!


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Custom Reports Image
Custom Reports
Need something specific or unique? Let 2W Tech unleash the critical business information sitting in your Epicor ERP. We’ll design a custom report to your specifications.
Material Management
Bill of Lading Image
Bill of Lading
Clean looking form with the proper legal documentation and knowledge of which packing slips are associated with your shipments. The standard system Bill of Lading (BOL) leaves additional blank, white spac... Read More
Purchase Orders Image
Purchase Orders
Clean looking, accurate information without duplication. The Standard Purchase Order has extra additional blank, white space in the header address sec... Read More
Late Purchase Order Line Analysis Image
Late Purchase Order Line Analysis
Manage Late PO Lines. Review all lines, or run the report for individual suppliers, save as a PDF and email for updated delivery dates. Quickly review your suppliers that require extra attention. Review all purchase ord... Read More
Daily Shipments Image
Daily Shipments
Daily shipment report provides details for each customer for all shipments in a defined timeframe. This Daily shipment report allows an organization to review all items shipped with quantity and prices attached to it. It ... Read More
Production Management
Portrait Job Traveler Image
Portrait Job Traveler
This is the Epicor Standard SSRS Job Traveler but converted to be in a Portrait orientation instead of landscape. It does not leverage any other functionality changes and utilizes all of the same fields/information from Epicor’s d... Read More
Sales Management
Customer On Time Delivery Image
Customer On Time Delivery
Easy to use interface that will allow a user to easily monitor the delivery performance for each customer. This report will allow a user to select a starting and ending sales Order Line Release Ship By dates to analyze On... Read More
Shipment On Time Delivery Image
Shipment On Time Delivery
The Shipments On Time Delivery Report shows the number of shipments, the number of On Time shipments and the percentage for each month over the period selected. Filtering can be done by Customer and by Product Group using the filt... Read More
Booked Orders Report Image
Booked Orders Report
Clean looking form with both Detailed and Summary Review of Sales Orders by Customers The 2W Booked Orders Report provides both Detailed and Summary review of Sales Orders in addition to an option to display a single line... Read More
Sales Order Backlog Review Image
Sales Order Backlog Review
Select Start and End Need By Date Range. Display all Open Releases sorted by Customer and Need By date. Includes Order Number, Part Number, Order, Release Quantity, Release Shipped Quantity, Release Balance Quantity Due, Un... Read More
Financial Management
Three Part Check Print Image
Three Part Check Print
Provides manual control of the check payment process. This custom Accounts Payable printing program allows your accounting department to print three part checks instead of the standard two part check. The report works we... Read More
AR Shipped Not Invoiced Image
AR Shipped Not Invoiced
The ability of a company to know the invoice status of all shipments is critical to their financial health. The System AR Shipped Not Invoiced report allows the user to select a date range and a sort by Customer and Packing ID or Packing... Read More
Received Not Invoiced Image
Received Not Invoiced
This custom report has tremendous value for allowing the Accounts Payable Department to easily review the account coding entered by the Purchasing Department. Should there be an error in the original account number entered at the time t... Read More
Expense Distribution with Summary Image
Expense Distribution with Summary
Standard Expense Distribution report sub-totals each Account Number and displays grand total at the end. The Expense Distribution with Summary provides a new set of pages at the end of the report that displays the Account Number, Accoun... Read More
G/L Distribution with Summary Image
G/L Distribution with Summary
Standard G/L Distribution report sub-totals each Account Number and displays grand total at the end. The G/L Distribution with Summary provides a new set of pages at the end of the report that displays the Account Number, Account Descri... Read More