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One of the main questions we get from our clients after they have installed and starting using their Epicor ERP system is about the reporting functions. One of the major changes with Epicor 10 is the move to Epicor SSRS reports. Out of the box, all of the built in reports and forms are built using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). Epicor 9 and earlier versions use only Crystal reports, however you can still use Crystal reports as an option in Epicor ERP 10. These are typically used for all of the standard printed output such as invoices, orders, Aged Receivables Report etc.
Both Epicor ERP 9 and Epicor ERP 10 provide a wide variety of reporting options depending on the type of information, the interactivity needed and the capabilities of the report writing person. Epicor 10 also includes embedded Dashboard capability. Unlike SSRS, these views are real time and dynamic and will update data real time and you can drill down to all related documents in the system wherever you see a key field like a part number, invoice number customer number, and such. For financial reporting (Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Statements etc) Epicor offers two tools. The first is Advanced Financial Reporter (AFR), which is a financial reporting dedicated report write, which is a modern version of the FRx report writer. Epicor was the original creator of FRx, so they have deep experience in this field. The second is XLConnect which is Epicor’s reporting tool that embeds into Excel. This allows users familiar with Excel to create financial reports that can also be automatically distributed to users on a schedule. Optional content packs offer access to other data such as AP/AR information.
Another option Epicor offers is Epicor Performance Management (EPM), which is a business Intelligence tool that can also be embedded with Dashboards that allows for big picture analysis of several different trends. EPM will help you establish a culture of high performance where all stakeholders are keenly aware of what’s important to the company, how the company is tracking, and where their work fits in. Epicor EPM offers budgeting, planning and forecasting; advanced analytic applications, like business scorecards; data warehousing; business activity queries (BAQ); and comprehensive reports that are fully connected to Epicor business applications.
Selecting an ERP system is a big decision. Once you have this system, you need to ensure you are maximizing your investment. The reporting functionality is the best tool at your disposal to do so. Some of the reporting tools are easy to use, and others may seem much more complex. Regardless of what version Epicor ERP system your organization has, 2W Tech has extensive experience with reporting and can help you maximize your investment.

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