Both Epicor ERP 9 and Epicor ERP 10 provide a wide variety of Epicor Reporting tools depending on the type of information needed. Epicor 9 still utilizes Crystal Reports, but Epicor 10 moved to Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for all of the out of the box, built-in reports and forms. Epicor also includes embedded dashboard capabilities in their ERP software. Unlike SSRS, these views are real-time and update immediately as data changes are made in the system.

Epicor Reporting Tools 2W Tech Epicor Report StoreEpicor offers Advanced Financial Reporter (AFR), which is a modern financial reporting dedicated report writer. They also offer XLConnect, which is the Epicor version of Biznet’s exciting reporting tool that embeds into Excel. If you have even basic knowledge with Excel, you are able to created powerful financial reports to can be automatically distributed to users on a schedule. Option content packs offer access to other data such as AP or AR as well. One other tool Epicor offers is Epicor Performance Management (EPM), which is a business intelligence tool that can be embedded within the dashboard and allows a user to see the bigger picture analysis such as sales growth and other trends.

2W Tech is a Gold Epicor Partner and has several ERP Consultants on staff that specialize in the various Epicor Reporting Tools. Some of the areas we thrive are with BAQs, BPMs, Crystal Reports, SSRS Reports, Electronic Data Interchange, Data Conversion, Data imports and exports, and Dashboards creation.  We also offer an Epicor Report store where we offer Custom Epicor reports of many varieties. Check it out here: Epicor Report Store. 

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