Epicor Launches Epicor Commerce Connect Express


Epicor recently announced the launch of Epicor Commerce Connect Express (ECC Express), a new portal to its existing Epicor Commerce Connect solution. The e-commerce product is designed for businesses which need an immediate way to improve productivity, offer quality online experiences, and stay connected to their valued customers and suppliers.

Epicor designed ECC Express to be an e-commerce solution that was both affordable and scalable and can be implemented in only a few days. The product enables users to build a basic online presence, with the option to choose other upgrades and capabilities to further scale their business. It is the latest eCommerce offering under their Epicor Commerce Connect umbrella.

COVID-19 has made many organizations automate their processes very quickly, so ECC Express was in response to that demand.  This new program allows for self-service features that allow users the ability to easily view orders, quotes, invoices, purchase history, account info and shipments, as well as conduct quick product searches.

With this latest release, Epicor has continued to show they can quickly and efficiently keep up with the ever changing demands of the marketplace. That is why 2W Tech is proud to be an Epicor Gold Partner. If you would like to learn more about Epicor Commerce Connect Express, give us a call today.

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