Continuing our deep dive under the hood of Epicor Kinetic ERP, we now shift our focus to Product Management. The Product Management module in Kinetic serves as the central hub for all process and product data and history. It allows all shareholders that interact with your products a place to collaborate. This includes product managers, engineers, salespeople, buyers, and quality assurance representatives. The goal of this module is to allow a business to optimize the product lifecycle processes to increase the efficiency of their staff, increase the quality production of products, launch products as a lower price point and lower production time, and of course, increase profits.  

Methods of Manufacturing within Epicor allows a business to manage their product bill of materials (BOM) and routings in once central location. This is a part-specific method of manufacturing. It is controlled through engineering and focuses on drilling-down functionality within lower-level subcomponents. It also offers this same functionality for material and routing components.  

You can modify existing methods for same-as except quotations and production runs, which ultimately streamlines your engineering. Enable your engineers to begin with an existing method of manufacture from the methods master, a quote or job, and then modify it for the project at hand.  

If you would like to learn more about any functionality within the Product Management module, or Epicor Kinetic ERP in general, give 2W Tech a call today. 2W Tech has been working with Epicor solutions for over 30 years and currently holds an Epicor Platinum Partner designation.

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