Epicor ERP 10.1 Supports Mobility and Cloud


Epicor ERP 10.1 was released a few months ago and there has been a lot of feedback from the users so far. One overwhelming area that has been discussed has been the increased mobility and cloud deployment options. Epicor ERP systems in the past have never really focused on mobility as a key feature. Because Epicor is traditionally a platform for manufacturing companies, the idea of mobility on the shop floor never really seemed like an idea that would come to fruition. Shop floors are considered a more hostile environment so non-rugged products like cell phones and tablets have never really been part of that environment. There are now rugged phones and tablets, as well as rugged cases for those products, not to mention the price point on these products have dramatically decreased so a business can afford to replace them pretty easily if they get damaged.
The feedback from some Epicor users on 10.1 has been that using mobile devices on the shop floor to access data from their ERP system has offered the company a new competitive advantage and way of doing business. Epicor 10.1 has a mobile application that can be used on all users phones and give them access to log into Epicor and access any information they may need. Essentially saving shop floor workers time since they no longer have to leave the shop floor to travel to an inside environment for the information they need. Or the shop floor users relied on 1 person to have to provide dozens of employees with the information they need, so there was lag time involved in that process as well. Mobile access streamlines this process and gives your operations efficiency that is not present without it.
When you are shifting your business to a more mobile environment, the transition to a cloud based system starts to make a little more sense and the concept starts to seem a little less foreign. The cloud version of 10.1 offers the entire Epicor platform. It builds on the path of their core principles and has made improvements in simplicity, collaboration, responsiveness with faster processes, mobility and choice of deployment. There’s a lot of movement toward manufacturing operations in the cloud, so the fact that they’ve added capability there is a good thing. Manufacturing lags behind in technology adoption, but Epicor is making it easier on these companies to gain the confidence to make the change. Since Epicor’s sweet spot is manufacturing, they understand the industry enough to understand the best way to approach the shift from premise to a cloud platform.
2W Tech has been a certified Epicor ERP partner for 15+ years and would be happy to discuss with you if Epicor 10.1 or another platform would fit well into your organization. We are also an IT Consultant and would be happy to discuss cloud technologies and mobility solutions with you.

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