The answers you need are in your data. But how do you find them? Data analytics is the science of taking raw data and analyzing it to draw conclusions. Epicor Data Analytics helps companies turn their data stored in Kinetic into actionable insights. This easy-to-use service in the cloud helps you understand large, cubed data sets contained in your data warehouse. 

EDA provides customizable and interactive dashboards containing visual KPIs graphs, charts, and tables so the information your care about most is right at your fingertips. When you identify an area of interest in the visual metrics, the EDA grid is where you will conduct most of your analysis. You can drill down into the data by clicking to reveal additional levels of details.  

By using data analytics, you gain deeper insights into what is happening in your business. It also allows you to increase your overall business efficiency.  

EDA includes all currently available Kinetic and Advanced MES content packs, and you can easily augment them with any other Kinetic data fields, user defined fields or other data sources like historical databases or spreadsheets. For help with Epicor Data Analytics or to learn more about Epicor Kinetics, give us a call today. 2W Tech is a technology service provider and Epicor Platinum partner. 

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