Epicor has built on its partnership with Microsoft Azure to roll out major artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) enhancements to its suite of ERP tools. Every new software release from Epicor is packed with new AI and IoT features that demonstrates their commitment to the digital transformation. Manufacturers will benefit from upgrades to the company’s Epicor ERP platforms, powered by closer integration with Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform over a year after this partnership was first announced. Epicor and Azure are driving the future for Manufacturing growth.

Azure base layer will power the company’s digital assistant Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA). Manufacturers will gain better connectivity between people and smart machines due to upgrades in Epicor’s ERP platform.  The Epicor IoT module can connect smart machines across the manufacturing floor to Microsoft’s Azure IoT Hub, with data pulled directly from sensors. Azure offers service levels, service fabric and the IoT Hub and Epicor has access to all of that. Improvements to the Epicor ERP platform include a variety of tools such as AI and analytics which integrate with the system to enhance the company’s vision for a connected enterprise.

2W Tech has been an Epicor partner for over 30 years and maintains an Epicor Gold Partner certification. We are also a Microsoft Gold Partner and have been implementing Azure cloud since its arrival. The two solutions combined make for a very powerful tool for manufacturers. Adopting Epicor and Azure can make your business competitive and will help keep you ahead of the game in the digital transformation.

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