Empower Your Remote Employees with Mobile ERP


With so many employees working remote these days, mobile capabilities are going to save several industries, including manufacturing. If you haven’t added a mobile ERP solution to your ERP system infrastructure, there is no time like the present to do so.

Mobile ERP is a solution designed for mobile devices like iOS and Android tablets or smartphones. In these setups, users have the convenience of using their mobile devices instead of a computer in a fixed location. Simple mobile ERP applications combined with the flexibility to use it anywhere your employees are stationed gives business decision makers the power of staying informed all the time. Ideally, your mobile ERP solution is capable of streamlining communication for enhanced work collaboration and greater productivity.

Mobile Epicor ERP solutions ensure complete visibility into your ERP systems from any remote location. A user-friendly application and automation solution make your field operations more efficient. Seamless integration provides real-time visibility from your mobile device.

Mobile Epicor ERP solutions give you the ability to:

  • Drive field productivity
  • Shrink response times
  • Lower costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Use Epicor ERP mobile solutions to assign work orders, manage inventory, review service history and complete billing processes from the comfort of your mobile device wherever you are at any time of day.

As an Epicor Gold Partner, 2W Tech is the team that teaches our clients how to better run their company and helps them see a new and better way of doing business with judicious application of proven technology and expert services. We are a technology service provider that offers both information technology and Epicor ERP solutions, and specializes in manufacturing solutions. Give us a call today to learn more about mobile ERP solutions available through Epicor.

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